Margarida  Rendeiro Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Margarida Rendeiro

PostDoctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor
CHAM, FCSH-NOVA Lisbon, and Lusíada University of Lisbon

I conduct postdoctoral research on the memory and utopia in Portugal among the generation of artists and writers born after 1974. I am also an Assistant Professor at Lusíada University of Lisbon. My research interests broach questions of contemporary Portuguese literature and culture, identities and utopias.


Conducting postdoctoral research on the memory and utopias produced among the Portuguese generation born after 1974, the year of the Revolution of Carnations  that marked the establishment of the Portuguese democracy. I teach at Lusíada University of Lisbon (Business English and Semiotics).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Contemporary Portuguese literature and culture, identities, memory and utopias.


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