Sonja  Klinsky Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sonja Klinsky

Arizona State University

My research and teaching practice centers on the justice dilemmas presented by climate change. I seek to understand the challenges facing individuals, jurisdictions attempting to implement climate policies, and countries within the climate regime as they try to manage the justice dimensions of climate change. My aspiration is to conduct work, including through collaboration, that constructively contributes to efforts to address the challenges of justice in a resource-constrained world.


I am an Associate Professor at the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University. Prior to this I was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Cambridge, and through the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, while my doctoral training was at the University of British Columbia.  

I have always approached issues of justice in a resource constrained world from an interdisciplinary perspective.  I routinely draw on policy studies, geography, philosophy and social psychology in my efforts to understand how humans have tried, are trying, and could try to deal with the integrated challenges of climate change and inequality.  As I have engaged in this work I have also become more active in attempting to constructively contribute to efforts to address injustices that emerge from the intersections of social, economic and ecological processes.  As part of this commitment I have been involved in supporting domestic public engagement on climate change in many contexts including schools, religious organizations, public service organizations and with political representatives.