I grew up in South Africa in the dark days of Apartheid and the injustices of that era shaped my social conscience for ever. A convent education and my deeply spiritual mother also helped me grasp the plight of a suffering humanity. As I grew into myself I developed a love for what art could do and say which led me to study it at university. I began with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting and the philosophy of art, followed by a Higher Diploma in Education so that I could teach. All the time there was a nagging need to develop my music education which I did in a less formal way. Later I completed an Honours’ degree in Art History and was introduced to feminism by some truly remarkable women. This paved the way for my future study in interior design and power relations in interior spaces. I subsequently completed both a Masters and a PhD in Interior Design.  I lectured art and design history and theory in both South Africa and Australia for almost 30 years and further shaped my professional and personal identity by training as an arts therapist.
PhD. University of South Australia, 2005
M.Tech. Cape Peninsula University, 1996
B. Honours. University of South Africa, 1994
BFA. Rhodes University, 1982
HDE. Rhodes University, 1983
Adv. Dip. Art Therapy, Adelaide, 2015
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Architecture and mental health; Domesticity; Art Therapy;
Personal Interests
Art; Classical Music; Piano; Gardening; Walking on the beach and in nature; Spirituality.