Ulrik Pram  Gad Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ulrik Pram Gad

Associate professor of Arctic Culture and Politics
Aalborg University

My overall research interest concerns the constitution of collective identities in support of and opposition to the nationstate. Hence, I study nationalism and identity politics. Particularly, I have been focusing on the postcolonial relationsbetween Greenland and Denmark and on securitization of Muslims.


I am currently developing new ideas coming out of two projects, I am wrapping up: an individual project on "Greenland as a case of Postcolonialism" financed by the Carlsberg Foundation, and a collective project on "Politics of Postcoloniality and Sustainability in the Arctic (POSUSA)" financed by the VELUX Foundation (co-directed w. Jeppe Strandsbjerg, CBS). In my Arctic stream of research, I have earlier compared Greenlandic paradiplomacy with that of other "Micro-states in the
Margins of Europe (MEPS)" and repeatedly analyzed aspects of the past with a view to to building scenarios for the future of the Greenland/Denmark relation. A book on "National Identity Politics and Postcolonial Sovereignty Games", which came out in 2016, ties these projects together.
In my 'Muslim' stream of research, I am tying up projects on "Migrants, Minorities, and Muslims in Security Organizations (MISO)" and "Translations of Security" (co-directed w. Trine Berling, Karen Lund-Petersen, and Ole Wæver, University of Copenhagen). Earlier, I have been co-directing a project on "The Politics of Securitization"; all following up on my PhD thesis (2010) on "The Identity Politics and Conflicts of Danish 'Muslim relations'".

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Arctic Politics, postcolonialism, securitization, paradiplomacy, concepts of sustainability, nationalism, identity politics, language policy

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