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Kate Daigle

Licensed Professional Counselor and Author
Kate Daigle Counseling, MA, LPC, CEDS

I'm a licensed professional counselor and a certified eating disorder specialist (CEDS) who has been specializing in the fields of eating disorders, body image, fertility, pregnancy and motherhood since 2010. In 2019 I published my book 'The Clinical Guide to Fertility, Motherhood and Eating Disorders' which explores the research, case studies, and clinical tools to help clients dealing with the shame of these issues find self-acceptance and healing. I speak at events nationally as well.


My passion and work are direct links to my own life experiences.  As a recovered eating disorder professional, I bring my authentic self into the room and encourage my clients that they, too, can recover from their own disordered relationships with food and their bodies.  After struggling with infertility, I was curious about the link between eating disorders and fertility and this sprouted my research into these topics, ultimately leading me to speak at national conferences and produce my book.  During my research, I discovered dozens of other women and men who had had experiences similar to my own.  Their stories are featured in my book and hope to help others who are reading it to reduce their own shame and find self-acceptance.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    eating disorders
    material mental health
    pregnancy loss

Personal Interests

    I love gardening, traveling, reading, writing, and spending time with my family.



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 Featured Title - The Clinical Guide to Fertility, Motherhood, and Eating Disorders - 1st Edition book cover