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Ken Jesse Rotenberg

Keele University

Ken J. Rotenberg is a Professor and Professorial Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK. His research expertise is in social-development, social psychology, health psychology, and criminology. The bulk of his research is on interpersonal trust, although he has investigated loneliness, eating disorders, and legal issues. His work has garnered 4181 citations, an h-index of 39, and an i10-index of 85.


I have published four books specifically on the topic of trust: (1) Children's Interpersonal Trust: Sensitivity to Lying, Deception, and Promise Violations (1991) published by Springer-Verlag; (2) Interpersonal Trust during Childhood and Adolescence (2010) published by Cambridge University Press; (3) The Psychology of Trust (2018) published by Routledge Press, and (4) The Psychology of Interpersonal Trust: Theory and Research (2019) published by Rutledge Press. The books make unique contributions to the field of psychology. The first two are the first academic books on interpersonal trust during childhood and adolescence. The third book, The Psychology of Trust, disseminates the psychological research on interpersonal trust to the community at large (i.e., the public). One of the chapters on trust in the police was reprinted in the Psychologist (March, 2018).  The fourth book, The Psychology of Interpersonal Trust, is a textbook for beginning and advanced scholars. This book will serve as a guide for future generations of researchers. I have 15 book chapters, 20 papers in preparation for refereed journals, 41 papers in refereed journals, 14 papers in public outlets (e.g., Psychology Today, The Conversation,), 6 grants (British Academy, Marie-Curie, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), and over 60 conference presentations (e.g., BPS Conferences, and Society for Research in Child Development) on the topic of trust. I have served as keynote speaker on that topic in international conferences (Japan and Argentina) and I have given invited talks on the topic in universities around the world (e.g., Portugal, Italy, Canada, and USA).  

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