Post-doctoral degree, with Capes scholarship, in the Postgraduate Program in Media and Daily Life (PPGMC), at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), where she served as substitute professor of the Department of Cultural Studies and Media (2018-2019). He holds a PhD (2017) in Communication and Culture, in the research line Media and Sociocultural Mediation, with Faperj Aluno Note 10 Scholarship, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the same institution in which she completed her master's degree (2011) with Bolsa Capes, and graduated in Journalism (2004). Researcher in the Center for Media Studies, Emotions and Sociability (NEMES) and in the research group Ethics in the Consumer Society (ESC), both enrolled in CNPq. Editor of magazine Mídia e Cotidiano, linked to PPGMC, associated editor of the magazine DESidades, based in the Interdisciplinary Center for Research and Exchange for Childhood and Adolescence (Nipiac), at the UFRJ Institute of Psychology. Winner of the Eduardo Peñuela Prize (2018), awarded by the National Association of Postgraduate Programs in Communication (Compós), in the category Best Doctoral Thesis. Winner of the Freitas Noble Prize (2016), awarded by the Brazilian Society of Interdisciplinary Communication Studies (Intercom). Author of the books "From childhood denial to the invention of tweens: imperatives of autonomy in contemporary society" (Appris) and "What will you be before you grow up? Youtubers, Childhood and Celebrities"(EdUFBA).
PhD, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro-RJ
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Professional experience in print, online and electronic journalism. Research interests focus on the areas of media, childhood, youth, contemporary subjectivities, digital cultures, motherhood and social networks.