Alexandre  Christoyannopoulos Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
Loughborough University

Alex grew up in Brussels, is French and Greek, and lives in the UK. He joined Loughborough University in 2010. He has published on Christian/religious anarchism, Tolstoy's political thought, pacifism and nonviolence, critical terrorism/security studies, and politics and religion. A full list of publications (many freely available) is accessible via

Subjects: Religion


Alex is officially French, Greek, and now also British. He grew up in Brussels and has lived in England almost continuously since 1997. He therefore feels like a European foreigner everywhere.

He completed his academic studies at the University of Kent, covering disciplines such as Economics (BA), International Relations and European Studies (MA), and Politics and Government with some Theology and Religious Studies (PhD). He worked for both the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University prior to joining Loughborough in 2010.

His research and teaching interests include political violence, pacifism and nonviolence studies, anarchist studies, political thought, politics and religion, and critical security studies. He has a keen interest in pedagogical innovations and publishes top essays from his students on Socratic Hive.

He is fluent in French and English, reasonably fluent in Greek, understands (even if he pretends not to) Spanish and Portuguese, and has studied (and hopes to continue trying to learn) Arabic.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    - Christian/religious anarchism;
    - Leo Tolstoy's political thought;
    - critical terrorism/security studies;
    - pacifism and nonviolence studies;
    - politics and religion.



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 Featured Title - Tolstoy's Political Thought - Christoyannopoulos - 1st Edition book cover


Tolstoy Studies Journal

Leo Tolstoy’s Impact on Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement

Published: Dec 30, 2020 by Tolstoy Studies Journal
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos and Erik A Nelson

Based partly on a close reading of archival sources, this article demonstrates that Tolstoy’s political and religious views left a significant impression on Dorothy Day, and through her, on the Catholic Worker. It traces Day’s discreet early passion for Tolstoy, Tolstoy’s apparent impact in cementing Day’s anarchism and pacifism, and the extent to which Tolstoy (through Ammon Hennacy) seems to have helped inspire the Catholic Worker’s embrace of civil disobedience.

Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy

"The Subversive Potential of Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Defamiliarisation’: A Case Study in Drawing on the Imagination to Denounce Violence

Published: Aug 10, 2019 by Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

This paper discusses Tolstoy’s use of the technique of defamiliarisation to denounce violence, first by citing a number of typical examples, then by reflecting on four of its subversive characteristics: its disruption of automated perception, its implicit concession of some recognition, its corrosion of conventional respect for traditional hierarchies, and its encouragement of empathy.


Leo Tolstoy’s Anticlericalism in Its Context and Beyond: A Case against Churches and Clerics, Religious and Secular

Published: Jun 09, 2016 by Religions
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos
Subjects: Religion

This article summarises and discussed Tolstoy's anticlericalism.

Anarchist Studies

'Bethink Yourselves or You Will Perish': Leo Tolstoy's Voice a Centenary after His Death

Published: Jan 01, 2010 by Anarchist Studies
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

This testimonial provides a brief story of what happened to Tolstoy’s voice after his death, and a brief discussion of the importance of the sort of contributions he can make to a number of vital challenges facing us today.

Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought

Jesus Christ against the Westphalian Leviathans: A Christian Anarchist Critique of Our Coercive, Idolatrous and Unchristian International Order

Published: Jan 01, 2010 by Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

This article outlines a Christian anarchist critique of the current international order by discussing the key biblical passages upon which this critique rests, and by contrasting this to the theory and practice of the Westphalian state.

Anarchist Studies

Leo Tolstoy on the State: A Detailed Picture of Tolstoy's Denunciation of State Violence and Deception

Published: Jan 01, 2008 by Anarchist Studies
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

This article scrutinises Tolstoy's condemnation of the state.

Politics and Religion

Turning the Other Cheek to Terrorism: Reflections on the Contemporary Significance of Leo Tolstoy's Exegesis of the Sermon on the Mount

Published: Jan 01, 2008 by Politics and Religion
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

This article articulates a Tolstoyan response to terrorism.

The Heythrop Journal

Love, Justice, and Social Eschatology

Published: Nov 01, 2007 by The Heythrop Journal
Authors: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos and Joseph Milne
Subjects: Religion

In this paper, we explore the ontological and theological ground of political institutions in order to then reflect upon the eschatological calling of society.


The Golden Rule on the Green Stick: Leo Tolstoy’s Reflections on Nonviolence

Published: Nov 22, 2014

This talk builds on a Tolstoyan interpretation of the Golden Rule to reflect on the current international order.

Tolstoy's Political Thought | Alex Christoyannopoulos | ARG Episode 7

Published: Jan 12, 2021

Much of this talk is a discussion of my book on Tolstoy's political thought.