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Jacob Alsted

Haslund & Alsted

Jacob Alsted, PhD, has authored a number of books and articles on organisational psychology, sociology, motivation, and the history of the state. He has worked as consultant for more than 20 years and co-owns the consultancy company Haslund & Alsted. Additionally he teaches at the University of Copenhagen


Jacob Alsted is MA in political scientist (cand.scient.pol.) from University of Copenhagen (1996) and has an Industrial Ph.D.-degree from Roskilde University (2002). After he finished his dissertation, he became co-owner of the research and consulting company Haslund & Alsted (www.haslundalsted.dk). The company provides counseling and analysis of leadership and organization and has existed since 2000. Additionally he teaches at the University of Copenhagen. He has thus spent his career until now combining management consulting, university teaching and research.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research activities and publications have moved in two directions: the psychology of state formation and the psychology of organizations and leadership. Within the field of state formation and historical sociology I have reviewed and criticized existing theories and forwarded sketches of a new understanding based on concepts from psychodynamic theory. Within the field of psychology of organizations and leadership I have worked to develop concepts that have a greater sensitivity towards the unconscious dynamics of organizations. The two research directions are united by a number of core concepts describing the dynamics of collective psychology.



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