Dr ALPESH  MAISURIA Author of Evaluating Organization Development


Alpesh's current research agenda is on the creation of the National Education Service (NES) in England. Other interests include: Academies/Free Schools, testing, league tables, de-professionalisation of educators University student fees, marketisation of HE Social class, Marxism, Socialism, Cuba Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, Blairism/Thatcherism Sweden, social democracy Alternatives to capitalism


Alpesh's expertise is in education policy and the critical sociology of education. He recently co-authored his latest book: Life for the Academic in the Neoliberal University.

Dr Alpesh Maisuria's specialism and expertise is in the fields of: critical education studies, policy and politics of education, and critical sociology of education. He is interested in social class, educational policy, neoliberalism and Marxism. Particular, issues of interest include:-Jeremy Corbyn and a nationalised education service-The English Academies Schools Programme and Free schools -Inequality, fairness, and private schools-Swedish social democracy and class * Social class * Critical Realism and Marxism * Education policy.

His current research (with colleagues in Australia, USA and Sweden) is based on the neoliberalisation of education and specifically academic labour. He also has expertise on ideology -Swedish social democracy /Cuban communism and education policy.

Alpesh’s doctoral thesis (UCL's Institute of Education) focussed on social class in Sweden.

Alpes's papers and talks can be found here:

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Alpesh is available for media interviews on issues of educational policy and reform, particularly the creation of the National Education Service (NES) in England, academies, testing and the class based-nature of schooling and universities.



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 Featured Title - Life for the Academic in the Neoliberal University Maisuria - 1st Edition book cover