Claire  Lutkewitte Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Claire Lutkewitte

Associate Professor
Nova Southeastern University

Claire Lutkewitte, PhD, is an associate professor of writing at Nova Southeastern University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate writing courses. She has published several books, chapters, and articles related to the teaching of writing. Her current research interests include writing pedagogy, writing with and for technologies, and document design.


While I have been teaching for over ten years, during this time, I have also enjoyed researching and publishing, working with members of my community, and mentoring my students and colleagues. I have collaborated on numerous scholarly projects, including one with my colleagues that garnered a grant to study new writing faculty experiences nationwide. Currently, I teach a range of undergraduate writing courses from first-year writing courses (such as Basic Writing) to upper-level writing courses (such as Document Design and Publishing and Writing for Technologies). In my university's Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media master's program, I teach our Teaching Writing course, Research Methods course, and Advanced Writing for Technologies course. Taking what I do at my university to my community, I have used my knowledge of writing and my writing skills to help community organizations through consulting with them, writing grants for them, and creating marketing and branding materials. These experiences have provided me opportunities to work with professionals in a wide variety of industries and inspired me to write the textbook Writing in a Technological World.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I am interested in writing pedagogy, writing for technologies, first-year writing, and faculty development.

Personal Interests

    In addition to reading and writing, I am an avid runner and athlete, spending as much time as I can in the outdoors.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Writing in a Technological World - 1st Edition book cover