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Elizabeth Reynolds


I am an Urban Planner and Founder of Urben, an east London studio focused on planning, design and problem solving for urban environments. I have worked in multidisciplinary teams on major infrastructure and regeneration projects with a common theme of making cities creative, productive and resilient places. I am a co-founder of Think Deep UK and have undertaken extensive research into the overlooked but important places beneath our cities.


Raised in Melbourne, Australia I have lived and worked in several countries, being fortunate enough to meet some great people along the way. I always enjoy exploring new cities on foot, making sure to try plenty of local food and drinks along the way!

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My main interest is in making cities more sustainable and enjoyable places, I am especially interested in urban agriculture, underground urbanism and public art.

Personal Interests

    I love travelling, watching films, cooking and gardening in my spare time.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Underground Urbanism REYNOLDS - 1st Edition book cover


Think deep: planning development and use of underground space in cities

NY-Lon Underground

Published: May 01, 2015 by Think deep: planning development and use of underground space in cities
Authors: Elizabeth Reynolds; Paul Reynolds
Subjects: Urban Studies

This research will look at the contrasting approaches to underground de- velopment, focusing in particular on some of the most recent ideas and projects being delivered and considered in the two cities. It aims to illustrate how under- ground space is being used in the two cities; the advantages of activating under- ground spaces; and challenges faced in planning and implementation.