Caterina  Maniscalco Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Caterina Maniscalco

Associate Partner, Digital Consulting / Entrepreneur and Startup Founder

Caterina Maniscalco is a partner at a management consultancy firm based in London. She has 20 years of global experience across a wide array of industries in the fields of digital innovation and digital transformation. Informed by a multidisciplinary background that includes technical development, design disciplines, coaching, and strategy, her areas of focus in recent years have been leadership excellence, digital strategy, digital culture and behavior change, and experience design.


Caterina is an advocate for the arts and humanities who enjoys exploring cultural studies, anthropology, and the ‘why’ behind human behaviour and motivation. She found herself embarked on a digital career nearly twenty years ago, taking on roles in a wide array of disciplines (technical development, experience design, digital strategy, coaching, digital innovation, and more), and ultimately discovered her calling and purpose in human-centric digital transformation. She aims to provide value to clients and outstanding experiences to consumers by placing digital technology in its rightful place as an enabler, and refocusing the conversation on the impact that all things digital have on people and their behaviours.
Having lived in cities across North America, Europe and Asia, she presently lives in London, UK.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Innovation: Designing Innovation Capability frameworks, innovation mindset, digital innovation leadership excellence, emerging technology applications
    Leadership excellence: new models and framework for leadership, digital leadership, digital innovation culture and leadership
    Design: UX/UI, digital and non-digital experience design, service design, product design, customer-centric design, judicious design (ie. just because a piece of tech can do something doesn't mean it should be used to do so)
    Strategy: digital and omni-channel strategies across multiple markets, business strategy, design and comms strategy, innovation strategy
    Digital DNA and culture: establishing digital mindsets, psychological safety, digital first culture, behavioural adaptation, a certified Agile coach
    Technology: Technical director, award-winning front- and back-end developer for web, mobile experiences, accessibility-centric development across cultures and languages
    Delivery excellence: Especially the management of multidisciplinary, co-located teams

Personal Interests

    Business growth and development of Cate Calco Ltd., world travel, food, sailing, diving (water sports in general), reading and the arts.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Distributed Leadership and Digital Innovation; Maniscalco - 1st Edition book cover



Interview in Authority Magazine

By: Caterina Maniscalco
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Psychology, Work & Organizational Psychology

Caterina Maniscalco appeared in a featured interview in Authority Magazine, in which she discussed topics related to leadership and managing teams, and shared her own personal anecdotes and life events that shaped her career journey.

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Guest lecture at WBS on Distributed Leadership | Digital Leadership Executive Diploma Programme

By: Caterina Maniscalco
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Psychology, Work & Organizational Psychology

Caterina Maniscalco has spoken at Warwick Business School as a guest lecturer to an audience of Digital Leadership students on the topic of “Leading Digital Transformation”.

Warwick Business School’s Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership delivers in-depth understanding, facilitated by WBS faculty and industry speakers at the cutting-edge of thinking on the transformative potential of digital technology for contemporary business.