Tatiana  Romanova Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tatiana Romanova

Senior Language Tutor
RUDN University

Tatiana is a Senior Language Tutor at the Department of the Russian Language and Teaching Methods of RUDN University in Moscow. She is the author of numerous textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language.


Tatiana started teaching Russian as a foreign language in the mid-1990s. She joined RUDN University in 2003. Tatiana teaches foreign students of different nationalities, who study Russian on Philological Faculty at RUDN University in Moscow.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Tatiana is interested in new language learning strategies, communicative and cognitive approaches to teaching foreign languages.

Personal Interests

    Her interests are literature, arts and travelling.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - RUSSIAN IN A CONTEMPORARY WORLD - 1st Edition book cover