Dimitrios  Methenitis Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dimitrios Methenitis

I am interested in the social and political transformation of the Global South since 2004 and have conducted research in China, Argentina, Brazil and Thailand. My current interests are the new socio-political models that are being created and experimented in East and Southeast Asia.


Born in Athens Greece I studied my BA in East Asian Studies with a focus on China in Sheffield and Nanjing universities. I further advanced my studies in world religions by attaining an MA in Religious Studies  (Padova) and an MA in global studies (Freiburg). I finally pursued a PhD in Sociology in Humboldt University.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    East Asia, Southeast Asia, South America

Personal Interests

    Music, Sports


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Globalization, Modernity and the Rise of Religious Fundamentalism - Methenitis - 1st Edition book cover