Bikramjit  Basu Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Bikramjit Basu

Indian Institute of Science

Bikramjit has been pursuing interdisciplinary research at the cross-roads of Engineering Science, Biological Science and Medicine. His research group has aptly used the principles and tools of these disciplines to develop next generation implants and bioengineering solutions to address unmet clinical needs for musculoskeletal, dental, and neurosurgical applications.


Over the years, Bikramjit has created interactive and intensive collaborations with over 20 clinicians, one MNC and 7 MSMEs/ Start ups to accelerate biomaterials science-to-biomedical device prototype development. Encompassing experimental discovery, theoretical predictions, computational analysis, and clinical translational research, his research group has laid the foundation for biomechanically-compliant design of implants, 3D binderjet printing of biomaterials, science of biocompatibility and bioengineering strategies, to advance the field of biomaterials science and regenerative engineering; thereby impacting human healthcare



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 Featured Title - Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences - 1st Edition book cover


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Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences: Concepts and Applications to Materials Science with Ashutosh Kumar Dubey, Amartya Mukhopadhyay and Bikramjit Basu:

Published: Jul 03, 2020 by Basu Research Group Website
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Dubey, Amartya Mukhopadhyay and Bikramjit Basu
Subjects: Healthcare, Materials Science, Nanoscience & Technology

This article traces the genesis of the recently published book "Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences" and discusses important features. "This book is intended to inspire the next generation of researchers to develop new and interesting ideas leading to breakthrough technologies, since it describes the journey of Frontier Science and Engineering technology development and translation through examples, in a manner which goes beyond the existing convention". Author biographies are also included.