William Eric O'Brian Author of Evaluating Organization Development

William Eric O'Brian

Associate Professor
University of Warwick

I was a commercial litigator in the United States for 17 years, but since 2001 I have been an academic in the UK. My recent research has been at the intersection of law, economics and political philosophy. I teach torts, commercial litigation and economic analysis of law. My new book, A Contractarian Theory of Law and Justice: Live and Let Live synthesises my thinking on these matters into what a hope is a coherent and true account of these subjects.


I grew up in Durham NC and studied Philosophy at the University of North Carolina. After attending law school at Harvard and clerking for the Honorable Louis F Oberdorfer, I worked for 17 years as a litigator at two Washington DC law firms. I moved to the UK in 1999, completed a Masters degree at UCL in 2001, and since then have taught law at the University of Warwick. I have published papers in most of the leading law journals in the UK, including the MLR, the LQR, and the OJLS. I am married with three daughters.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Torts, Law & Economics, Commercial Litigation/Conflict of Laws and Political and Legal Philosophy. Previously Criminal Evidence, especially expert evidence and confrontation rights.

Personal Interests

    Wine and travel, especially Portugal


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 Featured Title - A Contractarian Approach to Law and Justice - 1st Edition book cover