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Juliet Miller

I am a writer interested in art, creativity, feminism and the human condition. I have published books about female creativity, the land artist Richard Long and psychological aspects of infertility. I am informed by a first career as a television documentary maker and then twenty years working as a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist. I am especially interested in the interface between art, psyche and the body and the ways in which the body expresses unconscious material.


After University I spent twenty years working as a television documentary maker making programmes about women in Africa and India, environmental issues in India and the Sahel and the USA. I then trained first as a counsellor and then as a Jungian analyst. I had a private psychotherapy practice for twenty years in London. I did an MA in Creative Writing at UEA and have been writing and publishing books and supervising other therapists.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Working with opera singers in  therapy
    Psychological aspects of infertility and reproductive technologies
    The importance of destruction in female creativity
    The necessity of anger in female creativity
    The interface between the beholder and a work of art
    The expression of psyche and soma during serious illness

Personal Interests

    Reading extensively


Featured Title
 Featured Title - INCONCEIVABLE CONCEPTIONS - 1st Edition book cover


New Book. 'Art, Memoir and Jung' published on 27th October

By: Juliet Miller
Subjects: Art & Visual Culture

'Art, Memoir and Jung. Personal and Psychological Encounters' is published on the 27th October. It is a book about how we look at and 'see' art. It is about a two way process - about the fascinating relationship between the beholder and the art work.


'An intriguing series of self-portraits refracted through tender, sensitive meditations on art.' – Michèle Roberts


'As a film maker, Jungian analyst, and writer, Juliet Miller has been continuously engaged with images, and aspects of the intense interface between life and art. The events she narrates in this sensitive memoir provide the reader with an opportunity to meditate on certain crucial moments in life when an encounter with a work of art can psychologically mirror, accompany, or challenge us, providing a temenos for self-analysis and healing. Her book will be of interest to therapists, art-lovers, and the general public.' – Diane Finiello Zervas is an art historian and Jungian analyst with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists.