Robert J. Rabel Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Robert J. Rabel

Emeritus Professor of Classics
University of Kentucky

Recently retired, I taught Greek, Latin, and Classics in translation for forty-five years at the University of Kentucky.

Subjects: Classical Studies


I have published two books: "Robert E. Sherwood and the Classical Tradition: The Muses in America" (Routledge, 2020) and "Plot and Point of View in the Iliad" (University of Michigan Press, 1997) and edited and contributed to "Approaches to Homer: Ancient and Modern" (Classical Press of Wales )2005).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I have published articles on Homer, ancient philosophy,  Greek tragedy, Greek history, Roman epic, Classics and film, and the Classical Tradition.

Personal Interests

    I have a great interest in the history of the cinema. I read extensively in English literature, especially the nineteenth-century novel. One of my main interests is the area of modern novels set in the ancient world. One of my favorite authors in this area is Harry Sidebottom, whose novels on Roman emperors in the third century are both meticulously researched and very well written.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Robert E. Sherwood and the Classical Tradition - 1st Edition book cover