Rebecca (Bex) Twinley Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Rebecca (Bex) Twinley

University of Brighton

Bex coined 'the dark side of occupation' - a concept she created in response to her concern that occupational therapy and occupational science need to pay attention to the whole array of occupations - including all the things people do - which have previously been ignored or extremely under-explored. #TheDarkSideOfOccupation #IlluminatingTheDarkSideOfOccupation


My interests are based upon my belief that it is no longer acceptable to ignore all of the occupations that people subjectively experience and that can impact upon their health and/or their well-being - be it in a helpful or a detrimental way. The range of occupations we should consider range from the everyday, mundane, boring, even, right through to the more extreme, perhaps risky and illegal.

My doctoral work has really ignited an interest in further exploring the impact of trauma and the associated ways in which people can action resilience, survival, and identity renegotiation through a range of occupations that could be considered as 'adaptive' or 'maladaptive'. Though, occupation is more complex than any such binary distinction, as the subjective experience can alter or transform in response to, or because of, various factors that impact upon human occupation.

In line with this aim to gain a more authentic understanding of human occupation, I identify as a Feminist Auto/Biographical researcher, meaning I concur with Letherby (2014, p. 45) that "research is informed by auto/biographical experience and is an intellectual activity that involves a consideration of power, emotion and P/politics".

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The Dark Side of Occupation

    Routledge Book - Illuminating The Dark Side of Occupation: International Perspectives from Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

    The perceived impacts of woman-to-woman rape and sexual assault, and the subsequent experience of disclosure, reaction, and support on victim/survivors’ subjective experience of occupation.

    Thesis -


    Upcoming book, edited with Professor Gayle Letherby - The Doctoral Journey as an Emotional, Embodied, Political Experience: stories from the field.


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