Juan Eduardo  Bonnin Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Juan Eduardo Bonnin

Discourse Analysis Professor and Researcher

I am a researcher in Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis at the National Council of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET), and Professor of Discourse Studies at the University of San Martín (UNSAM), Argentina. I am interested in the role of language in the access to human rights, especially as a domain for the excercise of voice, agency and social change. My latest book is 'Discourse and Mental Health. Voice, Inequality and Resistance in Medical Settings' (Routledge, 2019)


I am a discourse analyst and a sociolinguist.
I was born in Navarro, in the interior of Argentina, and I am deeply Latin American.
I studied at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil) and the University of California, Santa Barbara (United States of America). In these universities I learned that Latin America has new, valuable and powerful voices, and that we have to find a way to make them heard. What I do here (the books, the articles, whatever) is to make our voice heard.
I believe that in the current context of global crisis, we have the opportunity to design a research agenda for an uncertain future from a dark present. But there is no reason why that agenda should also be uncertain and dark. Such an agenda can start from the recognition and appreciation of multiple voices, the seek for organized and collective agency, and an unwavering and explicit bias for hope.

We need linguistics to change the world.


    BA Linguistics, UBA, Argentina, 2002
    Summer Institute on Religious Pluralism, UCSB, USA, 2006
    PG Semantics, Universidade Estadual de Campinas,Brazil, 2007
    MA Discourse Analysis, UBA, Argentina, 2008
    PhD, Linguistics, UBA, Argentina, 2009

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I love non-dogmatic or ethnocentic Discourse Analysis, and Participatory action-research in Healthcare and the Workplace. Interactional sociolinguistics aimed to social change. Grassroots language policy and planning.

Personal Interests

    Politics. Comics. Card magic. Popular culture.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Bonnin, Discourse and Mental Health - 1st Edition book cover


Non-Gendered Language/ Lenguaje inclusivo: ¿Cómo se transforma el idioma?

Published: Nov 09, 2020

Short scientific divulgation film about non-gendered language and its implications on linguistic inequality. Spoken in Spanish.

Equality starts in language/ La igualdad comienza en el lenguaje

Published: Nov 09, 2020

This is my TEDxRosario talk of 2019 about language and inequality, and what can we do to mitigate linguistic inequality in access to human rights. In Spanish.