Justin  McBrayer Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Justin McBrayer

Professor of Philosophy
Fort Lewis College

I'm a philosopher teaching at Fort Lewis College, the liberal arts university for the state of Colorado. My professional work spans epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of religion. Much of my recent work focuses on helping ordinary individuals and political bodies to think consistently and carefully about the problems they encounter, the values they embrace, and the evidence they've gathered.


I was a first-generation college student who was lucky enough to attend a high-quality liberal arts school for college.  My training there was both deep and broad.  After working in the professional world for a bit, I returned to graduate school to study philosophy.  I wrote my doctoral thesis on the topic of moral epistemology (specifically on the possibility of moral perception).  I took a job at the liberal arts college for the state of Colorado and have been teaching there ever since.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My interests are broadly in epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of religion.  In recent years, my work has turned more towards applied epistemology, especially as it pertains to the production and consumption of information (and misinformation) in the public sphere.

Personal Interests

    As if there's anything more to life than philosophy! I spend time in the mountains of Colorado and the deserts of the Southwest with my family.  We camp, hike, bike, fish, and ski.



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