Max  Kelly Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Max Kelly

Associate Professor of International and Community Development
Deakin University

Max Kelly is an Associate Professor and Course Director of the Master of International and Community Development, Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action, at Deakin University, Australia. Her areas of expertise include international and community development policy and practice. She has a sectoral focus in food security, food systems, and sustainability at local, national and international levels, alongside a critical focus on global political economy of development, and social justice.


I am currently employed as an Associate Professor of International and Community Development Studies at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia.  My areas of expertise include international development policy and practice, with particular emphasis on political economy, sustainable development, food security, livelihoods, agricultural production, agricultural extension, resource management, impact assessment, community engagement and social development.  My academic background covers qualifications in International and Community development, agriculture, resource and environmental management, backed up by field experience in both developing and developed country research and practice.



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