Yoke Sim  FONG Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Yoke Sim FONG

Senior Lecturer
CELC, National University of Singapore

Through 40 years of teaching, from primary school to university, I have taught young people and adults, local and international learners, students and colleagues. In supporting a special group of sojourners in my charge, I became a learner myself to study their learning journeys. My book, LEARNERS IN TRANSITION: Chinese students' Journeys from EFL to ESL and EIL, is a record and celebration of their triumphs, and a crowning moment of my career and lifework.

Subjects: Education


I was born and raised in Singapore and grew up in a multicultural world. But the main languages that I moved and lived in were Cantonese, Chinese and English. I believe that made me empathetic to both Chinese and Western traditions and peoples. That was reflected in my choices of study and work later in life. I enjoyed my studies in Singapore and in the UK and I now enjoy teaching both local and international students.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    - Intercultural Communication
    - Language Education
    - Motivation
    - Learning Strategies
    - Language and Culture

Personal Interests

    Some simple joys: reading, walking and hiking, cooking, spending time with family and friends, attending church and theological classes, travelling, among others.


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