James  Burfeind Author of Evaluating Organization Development

James Burfeind

Emeritus Professor of Sociology
University of Montana

I am a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Montana, which means I am retired after teaching and doing research at the university for a long time – 30 years to be exact. I earned a PhD in Criminology and Urban Sociology at Portland State University in Oregon. I have also worked in the juvenile justice system as a probation and parole officer, and director of treatment at a residential placement facility for delinquent youth.


My interest in juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice began as an undergraduate when I took classes across several disciplines in law, criminology, and criminal justice. I also did regular volunteer work at a regional detention center for juveniles, and a summer internship at a state-run youth correctional camp. After college I worked as a juvenile and adult probation officer with a district court. Desiring to learn more about juvenile delinquency, I pursued a master’s degree, and later, a PhD degree. In the middle of my graduate education, my wife and I spent a year as volunteer cottage parents at a home for abandoned, neglected, and abused children in the Virgin Islands. After completing my master’s degree, I worked as director of treatment of a private, non-profit agency that provided services to delinquent youth and their families, which included a residential group home and a variety of other community-based programs. I began my academic career at Valparaiso University and then moved to the University of Montana. I really enjoy teaching, especially my favorite courses in juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice system, and criminological theory.

My colleague, Dawn Jeglum Bartusch, and I co-authored the textbook Juvenile Delinquency: Integrating Theory and Research, now in its third edition. Recently, with co-authors Dawn Jeglum Bartusch and Dusten Hollist, we have published another textbook entitled Juvenile Justice: An Introduction to Process, Practice, and Research.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

        Juvenile Delinquency
        Juvenile Justice
        Criminological Theory
        Sociology of Corrections

Personal Interests

    Living in Montana, I enjoy the beautiful outdoors – hiking, biking, camping, and skiing.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Juvenile Delinquency 3rd ed: Burfeind and Bartusch - 1st Edition book cover