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15 years of senior corporate leadership and another 20 in coach mentoring has left me fascinated with researching and working with leadership, power and success. Not the success of the leader but of the organisations they lead. This was pulled together in my (late-in-life) doctoral thesis and followed up in my book "How Successful Leaders do Business with their World". I'm an English speaking European:I live in Berlin & France; my company is based in the UK and I work wherever clients take me


So here's a melange for you: I I was born, of British- Greek parentage, in Tanzania; I was sent to Apartheid South Africa as a 13 year old and expelled by the same regime as a 31 year old. I spent nearly 30 years living in London and now live in Germany and France. I have, thank you Brexit,  both German and Uk citizenship and I work, wherever clients take me. Professionally, I have been a radio broadcaster, a theatre director, a television producer/editor and media/technology CEO. Since the early 21st century (Yes, I am indeed a man of senior years) I have worked as a strategic coach-mentor  with organizational C-level leadership. My focus on power and leadership led to my doctoral research programme and - more recently - to my book "How Successful Leaders do Business with their World: the Navigational Stance"

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The Navigational Stance; the Oppositional stance; the Partnering stance: three novel concepts around how the foundational assumptions developed in childhood go on to affect the exercise of power and authority in later life.
    Identification, recruitment and development of leaders using Navigational Stance.
    Strategic Coach-Mentoring and organizational cultural and behavioural alignment

Personal Interests

    Sometimes, but not always, in this order: golf, Sufism (and other religions), pilates, yoga, cats, tigers, forests, politics and government, restaurants (please bring them back soon). The Blues - and many of its offspring.


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 Featured Title - Barden, How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World - 1st Edition book cover