Sarah F.  Kurker Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sarah F. Kurker

Faculty Instructor
Arizona State Universty School of Social Work

I am an oncology social worker who has worked in adult and pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital, Arizona Cancer Center and University Medical Center in Tucson Arizona. I have facilitated a variety of oncology support groups throughout my clinical career. I am fortunate to be a faculty instructor at Arizona State University School of Social Work. I have worked on grief and loss journal articles. I created and facilitate a young adult cancer support community in Tucson Arizona.

Subjects: Education, Social Work


Children and Youth Services Review Volume 116, September 2020, 105165, Primary victims of the Sandy Hook Murders: “I usually cry when I say 26” This paper is dedicated to each of them. Author links open overlay panel JoanneCacciatorea, Sarah F.Kurkerb, School of Social Work, United States, Arizona State University, School of Social Work, United States, Received 28 March 2020, Revised 9 June 2020, Accepted 9 June 2020, Available online 13 June 2020.
Cacciatore, J., Blood, C., & Kurker, S. (2019). Volunteering, meaning, and posttraumatic growth. Crisis, Illness, and Loss.    

Kurker, SF, Major, J, Lopez, AML.  “A Case Study: Counseling with a Sibling of a Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Patient” Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Worker Update.  Vol.27 (4) Fall 2002

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Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Oncology social work, social work education, grief and loss.

Personal Interests

    Spending time with family, enjoying the ocean, fitness (spin, weights, running, hiking, barre....), photography, cooking


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