Julian  Maynard-Smith Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Julian Maynard-Smith

I'm a business writer and knowledge manager with over 30 years of experience, principally in financial services and IT. I've worked in the UK, France and Germany, and run my own company (www.betterbusinesswriting.info) providing consultancy, training and coaching. I'm also a music journalist and write crime fiction under a pseudonym.


My professional specialism is technical writing and knowledge management in financial services and IT. For over thirty years I've worked on projects ranging from editing documents for specialist audiences such as actuaries and developers, to writing marketing material, to creating online help for e-trading applications, to managing the documentation for multi-million-pound programmes relating to compliance, risk and cybersecurity. My focus now is on imparting my knowledge via training courses and my book Ultimate Guide to Business Writing (Routledge March 2021).

I'm also a music journalist, write crime fiction under a pseudonym, and have an interest in all forms of creative writing.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Technical writing, knowledge management, creative writing, education

Personal Interests

    All forms of technical and creative writing (especially fiction and poetry), and most genres of music (especially jazz, classical, world, and electronica)



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