Ken  Manktelow Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ken Manktelow

Formerly a professor of psychology, now retired, my major interest was in thinking and reasoning. I have published 7 books on the subject, including a recent biography of Peter Wason, along with numerous research papers and other articles.


Major collaborators: Jonathan Evans, David Over, Niall Galbraith, Manpal S. Bhogal.
Inference and Understanding (with David Over), Routledge, 1990.
Rationality; Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives (with David Over, editors), Routledge, 1993.
Reasoning and Thinking, Psychology Press, 1999.
Psychology of Reasoning; Theoretical and Historical Perspectives (with Man Cheung Chung, editors), Psychology Press, 2004.
The Science of Reason (with David Over and Shira Elqayam, editors), Psychology Press, 2010.
Thinking and Reasoning, 2012.*
Beyond Reasoning; the life, times and work of Peter Wason, Pioneering Psychologist, Routledge, 2021.
*This one contains many references to my published research papers.
Plus, there is a Festschrift:
The Thinking Mind (Niall Galbraith, Erica Lucas & David Over, editors), Routledge, 2017.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Major: Thinking and reasoning
    Others: Psycholinguistics, delusional thinking, evolutionary psychology, cognitive development, applied cognitive psychology.

Personal Interests

    Music: rock, especially golden-age and 'indie' rock, and classical, especially baroque and organ music (not much in between)
    Books: novels, especially crime novels; histories, biographies, science, art, antiquity,cricket
    Art, especially painting, with a particular fondness for Dutch painting
    Sport, especially cricket (Kent CCC) and football (soccer; Tottenham Hotspur FC; and Plymouth Argyle FC)
    Historic sites, gardens and gardening (the usual old-guy stuff, in other words).


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 Featured Title - Manktelow Beyond Reasoning - 1st Edition book cover