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Liz Curran

Nottingham Trent University

Liz’s book, Better Law for a Better World is for law & other professionals and educators trying to make a difference in their clients/patients’ lives where the law can impact. It has broader appeal for the general public - it critically looks at participatory democracy, access to justice, human rights and civil society and proffers ideas and practices that might lead to such change and open up a much needed dialogue in society.


Dr Liz Curran (Elizabeth Curran) is the ‘Research Impact Lead’ at Nottingham Trent University’s Nottingham Law School in the United Kingdom (UK); Principal of Curran Consulting: Enhancing Justice & Human Rights; and, ‘Quality, Improvement Impact Lead’, Social Security Rights Victoria. She is an Honorary Associate Professor at the ANU College of Law. (Melbourne Based)
Member: Australian Evaluation Society, Australian Restorative Justice Association, Law Institute of Victoria, Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy; Legal Action Group UK.
Liz’s book, 'Better Law for a Better World: New approaches to law practice and education' is  the culmination of her work as a researcher, practitioner, evaluator and educator with insights from her work looking at how to have a positive impact and improve service delivery and social justice outcomes.

She was an Associate Professor at ANU's College of Law in its graduate and undergraduate programs (still holds this as an Honorary position). She has been a clinical supervisor, a Director of a legal practice, had a consultancy business since 2011, run a human rights NGO, was team leader in a large humanitarian agency (in its advocacy branch), Associate Solicitor and, has been an adviser on a number of Multi-disciplinary practices (including Health Justice Partnerships) in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom (UK). She has been a Visiting Scholar at Nottingham Trent University, Victoria University (NZ), University of Portsmouth and University of London (City Law School).
She has worked in a variety of legal practices in a wide range of legal services and areas of law in both the private and public sector and in community health. She routinely provides professional development to legal practitioners. Liz has extensive scholarship emerging from teaching undergraduates and graduates often skills, ethics and professional practice based subjects at university level including disciplines in health and law.
Liz was Senior Solicitor at the Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) since June 2012 and since 2017 has been its ‘in-house adviser’ (voluntary). Liz has been a clinical legal educator/solicitor/ Director of a community legal service, all based in a community health centre for ten years.

Liz is a regular media commentator on access to justice and domestic human rights issues and was ‘expert adviser’ on the Law Council of Australia’s ‘Justice Project’. She has the Australian Centenary Medal for ‘legal services to community and lecturing’.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Liz’s research is on access to justice, multidisciplinary partnerships (including Health Justice or Medico Legal Partnerships), criminal justice, restorative justice, community development, law reform, human rights, professional ethics, clinical and legal education. She has been commissioned to undertake and advises on evaluations centering on effective legal practice including family violence, restorative justice & multi-disciplinary practice. She was 'expert research adviser' to the Law Council of Australia's 'Justice Project' and many of her policy recommendations have been adopted and led to policy and practice reforms. Her current evaluations include: ‘The Invisible Hurdles Project’ (Stage 2) (for the Australian National University for Upper Murray Family Care in Australia) and the ‘Women’s Crisis Navigator Project (for the Hammersmith Fulham Law Centre in the UK).  
    Liz has been prolific with publications and international peer reviewed articles. She is an academic and lawyer. She has worked in a number of settings in law and public health. Her policy reform has shaped and informed Public Inquiries, shaped their recommendations and led to changes in the administration of the law and laws. She routinely engages in community development work in communities experiencing marginalisation and training and professional development for a range of disciplines.
    Liz has an Arts/Law degree, Masters in Law and a Doctorate in Juridical Science alongside qualifications in education. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Liz’s doctorate examined youth justice. She has a Certificate in Conflict Conferencing from La Trobe University. Her Masters in Law from the University of Melbourne focussed on human rights and humanitarian law.

Personal Interests

    Cycling, Classical and world music, running, literature



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Published: Jul 19, 2016

The Legal Service Board's Grants program has produced the following video, illustrating the benefits to the community of integrating health and legal service providers within the one location