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Ian P Levy

Assistant Professor
Manhattan College

Ian P. Levy is an Assistant Professor and Director of the School Counseling Program at Manhattan College. He is the 2016 New York State School Counselor of the year. His work exploring the use of hip-hop and spoken word therapy in urban schools has been featured on various news outlets including the New York Times, and CNN, and published in a variety of reputable academic journals. Ian is also an emcee, and released his album – And Then It Glistens – in 2020.



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 Featured Title - Hip-Hop & Spoken Word Therapy in School Counseling - 1st Edition book cover


[New York Times] Bronx School Embraces a New Tool in Counseling: Hip-Hop

By: Ian P Levy

This New York Times article details a hip-hop and school counseling program at a high school in the South Bronx.