Lissa  D'Amour Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Lissa D'Amour

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Werklund School of Education

Lissa is an independent scholar working in the area of curriculum theory with a focus on the implications of relational psychoanalysis for schooling practice and the preparation of teachers.


Lissa's present scholarship benefits from having dedicated 15 years to working with prospective and practicing teachers and, before that, 25 years in a variety of everyday contexts teaching from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12.

Troubled by dire worldly circumstances – of societies increasingly divided, diminishing planetory resources, and rising levels of anxiety and depression in learners – her scholarship focuses on how we might better understand teaching and learning in ways to promote human wellness and collective wisdom.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    • Implications of relational psychoanalysis (with attachment theory, affective neuroscience, and research in early childhood development) for schooling practice and teacher development
    • Theories of learning (individual and collective) and of not-learning (anxiety, trust, & denialism)
    • Variation theory
    • Inclusive pedagogies
    • Teacher identity and school culture
    • Mathematics education and concept development
    • Belief and the Nature of Science


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