NICOLAS S MAJLUF Author of Evaluating Organization Development



Nicolás Majluf obtained an Engineering degree at PUC, an M.Sc. in Operations Research at Stanford, and a Ph.D. in Management at MIT Sloan. His academic career moved from Strategy and Finance to Organizational Behavior. He has been visiting professor at MIT Sloan, The Anderson School of Management at UCLA, and IESE in Barcelona.


Professor Nicolás Majluf has extensive academic administration, teaching, research, consulting, and professional experience.  He has served as Head of Department and Deputy Dean of the School of Engineering and General Academic Director at PUC. He is currently the Academic Director of online management programs in “Clase Ejecutiva.” He has had active participation as a board member in many Foundations and large Chilean public corporations and is still involved with some of them. He has written four books and many papers on Strategy with Professor Arnoldo Hax from MIT and a widely cited article on Finance with Professor Stewart Myers from MIT with over 27,000 citations in Google Scholar. He has also written various books on Human Centered Management and Business Ethics. He recently wrote the book Sensible Leadership with professor Nureya Abarca and participated as author and editor in two other books on Soft Skills and Corporate Culture. The three books are part of the Routledge’s Human Centered Management Book Series. He has received numerous awards and academic recognitions for excellence in teaching and research.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Organizational Behavior
    • Leadership
    • Leadership style of men and women
    • Trust
    • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
    • Organizational Culture
    • Soft Skills

    • Corporate Governance
    • Strategic Management
    • Process and Content of Strategy
    • Business Models
    • Corporate Finance
    • Asymmetric information

    Public Policy and Management
    • Education
    • Health    

Personal Interests

    Nicolás is part of a large family. He has six brothers and sisters and is a father of six and a grandfather of 14. He enjoys family gatherings just to have food and fun. At this stage in his life, he is looking attentively to the social and political movements in his native Chile and countries around the world. He is reflecting on the reasons behind social upheavals, growing inequality, and increasing political polarization. He is also very attentive to the impact of social networks in our society, organizations, and personal life. His most recent interest is the meaning of “critical thinking” in current times and the best way to prepare ourselves for tolerance and humility.  


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Sensible Leadership: Majluf & Abarca - 1st Edition book cover