Philip E Graves Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Philip E Graves

University of Colorado

Grew up in Bloomington, Indiana but have traveled widely over the years, ending up in Boulder, Colorado for the past many decades.


    A.B., Indiana University; M.A. and Ph.D. Northwestern University

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    PhD, Northwestern University, 1973, is a professor whose interests currently lie in urban/regional, environmental economics, and applied price theory. His recent research emphasizes the role of labor supply market failures for optimal public goods provision and for the willingness-to-accept versus willingness-to-pay disparity. Similar issues of labor supply, as it varies according to whether technological progress occurs predominantly for new goods vis-a-vis existing goods, underlie Graves' recent work in economic growth and business cycles. He continues his long-standing interest in the role of amenities in the location and relocation decisions of households and monetary economics, while pursuing several topics in applied microeconomics.

Personal Interests

    Walking and calisthenics are my primary form of exercise at this time.  Wine appreciation and dance are fun hobbies, the former regularly, the latter sporadically.  Appreciate movies of a wide variety and certain college sports (not much interested in the traditional professional sports).


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