Kevin D.  Cole Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kevin D. Cole

Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
University of Nebraska

Dr. Cole became a professor of Engineering at the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 1988. Since that time he has developed a wind-tunnel laboratory to study anemometers, hot-film sensors, and properties of thermal protective systems. Cole is a registered Professional Engineer and active industrial consultant.


    Dr. Cole has experience in thermal sensor technology, analysis of experimental data, inverse problems, thermal-property measurements, diffusion theory, and numerical modeling. He has conducted research for Sanida National Laboratories, United Technologies, NASA, and the Army Research Office.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Green's Functions

    Objective: develop analytical solutions to engineering problems with advanced mathematical tools, and to promote these techniques in print publications and on the internet. The Green's Function Library, established in 1999, is a resource for engineers, scientists, mathematicians, geologists, or anyone working with linear differential equations of the diffusion type. For more information, visit

    Biomedical Devices

    Objective: develop replacement heart valves designed for infants with profound birth defects, by carrying out laboratory fluid-flow tests and computational simulations.

    Fluid-flow Sensors

    Objective: develop fluid-flow sensors based on thermal measurements. Recently this work was extended to thermal effects in microchannels, with application in electronic cooling and in lab-on-a-chip testing devices, for example.

    Inverse Problems

    Objective: determine optimal methods to measure thermal properties and gas-diffusion properties, and to analyze experimental data to extract the maximum information from the experiment.

Personal Interests

    Bicycling, travel, choral singing


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