Kristof  Beiglböck Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kristof Beiglböck

Software Architect of a Tracking System for People in need of care

Kristof is passionate about teaching machines to assist people instead of wasting their time. First experiences with high energy particle computer simulations. Dedicated studies of artificial intelligence and neural networks. Book about his vision of a real world live simulation. Currently realizing the vision to assist people in need.


1982 High School Diploma in Austin, Texas
1984 Abitur (~German High School Diploma) in Heidelberg, Germany
1993 Diploma in High Energy Physics
     Simulations of Driftchamber Triggers for loaded particles
     Design of high frequency electronic trigger circuit board
95-99 IT Management for sales system at Otto Versand Hamburg
1999 coFounder of Generatio, a system combining  
     the genetic fingerprint with a digital identity (X.509)
2004-2011 Development of Navigation Systems for global automotive players (Siemens, Continental, VW, Audi, NAVTEQ etc.)
2010 Creating a Vision of a Real World Live Simulation described in the book
2012 Creation of a Tracking System for people in need of care


    Diploma in High Energy Physics at DESY in Hamburg

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Real World Simulations combing all kinds of knowledge bases in the internet

Personal Interests

    Running, Hiking, Climbing, Motorcycle ...



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