Mark  Breach Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Mark Breach

formerly Principal Lecturer in Engineering Surveying
Nottingham Trent University

For 22 years I was Principal Lecturer in Engineering Surveying at Nottingham Trent University where I was programme leader for a number of MSc programmes including Structural Engineering. I also taught maths to undergraduate Engineers and Architectural Technicians as well as Research Methods at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Professional Affiliations
Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors
Associate Fellow of the Royal Institution of Navigation

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    Land and Engineering Surveying
    Control Surveying
    Positional Astronomy
    Global Positioning System (GPS)
    Survey Instrumentation
    Geoid Determination
    Precise Level Surveys

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    PhD projects:
    "One man Global Positioning System (GPS) for highway profiling" (director of studies) winner, in conjunction with Global Surveys Ltd, of a DTI "Smart Award" 1994-1998
    "Gyrotheodolite Upgrade" (director of studies) 1995-1999
    "An automated approach to astrogeodetic levelling" (own PhD) 1996-2002
    "Digital Height Reference Surface for Europe" (director of studies). 2003-2007
    "Alignment Methods and Strategies for the Large Hadron Collider Low Beta Quadrupole Sections at CERN" (director of studies). 2005-2009
    "Investigating the Optimum Design of Steel Portal Frames with Semi Rigid Joints" (supervisor) 2007-2010

Personal Interests

    Amateur Dramatics - see
    Sailing - on the River Fal and south Cornwall coast



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