Jan G.M.  van Mier Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jan G.M. van Mier

independent scientist & artist

Since 1978 been active in the field of concrete mechanics, in particular the relation between material structure and fracture behaviour. Both experimental and numerical research has been carried out over the past 3 decades, resulting in a host of useful experimental data and a simple lattice based numerical model for analysing fracture. In recent years I have embarked on more artistic endeavours and much of my time is now dedicated to painting and sculpting.


MSc (1978) and PhD (1984) Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Post-doc at University of Colorado, Boulder (1985). TNO Building and Construction Research, Rijswijk, The Netherlands (1986-1987). Delft University of Technology: assoc.prof. (1987-1999), full professor (1999-2002). Swiss federal Institute of Technology, Institute for Building Materials, Zurich, Switzerland, full professor (2002-2010).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Experience in experimental and numerical research on fracture of concrete and related brittle disordered materials. Co-developer of the Delft Lattice Model, used for in-depth study of fracture phenomena in concrete, based on accurate description of the material's structure. Development of new high performance concretes, with and without fibres. Development of new experimental techniques for the mechanical and fracture properties of concrete, in particular in the unstable stage.

Personal Interests

    Fracture research, painting and sculpting, photography, travel.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Fracture Processes of Concrete - 1st Edition book cover