Vincenzo  Amendola Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Vincenzo Amendola

Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry
Università di Padova

My main research topics are the laser ablation synthesis in solution (LASiS) of functional and functionalizable nanostructures, the study of plasmonic properties of nanoparticles, and, in general, the interaction of nanosecond laser pulses with matter for the generation of new materials and of new phenomena (like self-healing processes).


I have been an assistant professor of physical chemistry in the Department of Chemical Sciences of Padua University since 2008.
I received the Ph.D. in material science and engineering in 2007 and the master’s degree in material science in 2004, both from Padua University, working in the group of Professor M. Meneghetti.
In 2007, I was a 6 month visiting PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as part of the group of Professor F. Stellacci, and in 2011 I was a 7 month academic visitor at Cambridge University, as part of the group of Dr. A.C. Ferrari.
I was honored with the Levi prize and the Semerano prize from the Italian Chemical Society.
I am the author of several peer-reviewed papers, one patent, and have given invited talks at several conferences, including the first conference about Laser Irradiation and Nanoparticles Generation in Liquids (ANGEL2010).
I serves as referee for several journals about nanotechnology, plasmonics and physical chemistry.
I am currently collaborating with various research groups in Europe and Asia.
More information about my research activities can be found on the web at



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