Dr. Kalikathan  Krishnamoorthi Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dr. Kalikathan Krishnamoorthi

Professor, Industrial Engineering
Bradley University

I am an immigrant from India having obtained a BE degree in ME from University of Madras, India. After working for 9 years as an ME in India, I came to USA for higher studies at University of Buffalo. Obtained an MA in statistics and MS and PhD in industrial engineering and started teaching at Bradley University in Peoria, IL, from 1980. I teach mainly statistics and quality engineering.


Dr. K.S. Krishnamoorthi
Dept. of Industrial & Manufacturing Eng. & Technology
402 Morgan Hall, Bradley University, Peoria, IL 61625
Tel: (309) 677-2744, E-mail: [email protected]


Ph.D.(IE),State University of N.Y. at Buffalo, May 1979
M.A.(Statistics), State University of N.Y. at Buffalo, May 1977
M.S.(Ind. Eng.), State University of N.Y. at Buffalo, May 1971
B.E. (Mech. Eng.), University of Madras, India, May 1960


Bradley Experience
Professor, Industrial Engineering, August ‘91 +
Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering, August ‘80 to August ‘91

Teaching areas:
Engineering Statistics, Manufacturing Quality Control,
Reliability Engineering, Engineering Economics.

Research areas:
Quality costs, Process capability indices, Process control methods,
Quality systems, Foundry technology

Important Service:  
University Ombudsman, 2007-2012+
Graduate advisor- MSIE Program, ‘85-88, 2012 +
Chairman, I.E. Dept., '88-94
University senator, ‘90-’92 ++
Univ. Tenure, Promotion, and Dismissal Committee, ‘91-’92
Provost search committee, ‘92-’94
College of Engineering Quality Committee-chair, '94+
ABET- Engineering Accreditation Commission Evaluator, ‘94, ‘95, ’97, ’99, ’00, ’02, ‘09, '12.
Member-Editorial Board, International Journal of Industrial Engineering

Previous Full-time Experience
State University College at Buffalo, N.Y.
Assistant Professor, Manufacturing Technology, 9/76 to 8/80
Secure Enterprises Inc., Buffalo, N.Y.
Design Engineer, 3/73 to 10/75
Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi, India
Deputy Director - Power Plant Designs, 10/64 to 9/69, 7/71        to 1/73
Government of India-Purchasing Dept., New Delhi
Inspecting Officer, 12/63 to 10/64
Neyveli Thermal Power Station, Neyveli, India
Junior Engineer, power plant construction and operation, 8/60 to 12/63

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I.M.E.T. Dept. Working Papers: (Recent M.S.I.E. projects under my guidance)
The past, Present and Future of Six-Sigma in the U.S., Venkata Kantumuchu, 2012
How Quality Plays in Peoria?, Miguel Carreon and Vernon D’Souza, December ‘97
Economics of Maintenance Cost in a Process Industry, Azfar Zahir, ‘97.
The Loss Function - Comparing actual with Taguchi’s, Mr. Fu
The Max-Min Quality Control Chart - A Performance Evaluation, Guoqing Chu, March ‘96.
Developing the Foundation of Supplier Evaluation Programs for Just-in-Time Environments, Thomas Voss, ‘96.
Quantitative Analysis of Quality Costs in a Bearing Industry, Ananth Pullela, ‘95
Cplog- A Capability Index for Non-normal Processes, Edwin O’Neil, May ‘94.
Through the Office of the Director of International Programs:
Evaluating the quality system of Uralmash Co., a business collaborator of Caterpillar Inc. in Russia (with Dr. Sverdlin of I.M.E.T. Dept.).
Sponsor: Caterpillar Inc., Engine Division.
Amount: $ 16,394.00. Completed: July ‘94.
Providing seminars and consulting for implementation of Total Quality Management at Uralmash Co., Ekaterinburg, Russia. (with Dr. Sverdlin)
Sponsor: Caterpillar Inc., Engine Division
Contract amount: $97,855.34. Completed: March ‘96
Through the Center for Executive and Professional Development (F.C.B.A.):
Providing seminars on Total Quality Management to managers from Caterpillar’s Chinese operations.
Sponsor: Caterpillar - China Inc.
Contract Amount: $6440.00 ( X 5). Completed:’97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001

B.F. Goodrich Chemical, Henry, IL
Design and performance of Experiments on chemical processes to improve yield and Quality, part time ’99.

Uralmash, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Consulting in quality system implementation using ISO 9000, '94-'95.

Caterpillar Inc., Mapleton Foundry
Application of statistical methods in process improvement of automated mold lines. Summers full time and part time during school year ‘88, ‘90, ‘91, ‘95, ‘96, ’97, 2000.

Caterpillar Inc., Mapleton Foundry
Total Productive Maintenance, feasibility study implementation. Summers ‘93,‘94.

Caterpillar Inc., Track Type Tractor Business Unit, East Peoria
Member of the team for strategic planning for quality and business excellence in T.T.T.B.U., Summer ‘92.

Caterpillar Inc., Aurora
Wrote a manual to train engineers in reliability methods. Summer '89.

Caterpillar Inc., Mfg. General Offices
Wrote a Manufacturing Practice for Process Control, which became the company’s guidelines for process control world wide. Summer '89.

Key Industries, East Peoria
Reducing variability in paper cube dimensions and improving paper utilization, ’91.

American O.T.R. (Firestone Tire Licensee), Bloomington, IL
Consulting in quality improvement using statistical methods, '90.

B.F. Goodrich Chemical Group, Henry, IL
Productivity Study of maintenance group, '84.

UNR-Rohn, Peoria
Time Standards and cost reduction study in material handling, '81-84.

Sherex Chemical Co., Mapleton, IL.
In-plant training of engineers and managers in Statistical Process Control, '87.

Peterson /Puritan Inc., Danville, IL
In-plant training of engineers, managers and line workers in Statistical Process Control and implementation of the control methods on packaging lines, '86-'87.

Date of Birth : Feb 1939.

Marital Status : Married, wife: Vijaya, Two sons

Hobbies: Listen to Indian classical music.
Updated: June 2012


    Process quality improvement through use of statistical methods.  Reliability improvement to reduce warranty costs.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Quality costs, Process capability indices, Process improvement using statistical methods, statistical thinking.

Personal Interests

    Classical music - India & Western.


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