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Joseph Kerski

Education Manager

I serve as Education Manager and Geographer, supporting and fostering the use of geotechnologies to support meaningful teaching and learning at all educational levels, both formal and informal, internationally. I also serve as adjunct instructor in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Denver. I hold three geography degrees and have served in 3 federal agencies as Geographer.


I am interested in working on relevant, inquiry-based initiatives that use GIS and critical thinking skills to (1) deepen and galvanize student consideration and analysis of 21st Century issues from the local to global level, (2) empower students at all ages to make a difference in the lives of people and in our planet, (3) give teachers and professors the confidence that they can teach effectively with geotechnologies, and (4) capture the attention of the general public to act to strengthen spatial thinking throughout the curriculum and in the broader society.


    Geography, Cartography, GIS, education, geotechnologies

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Cartography, Geography, GIS, education, geotechnologies

Personal Interests

    travel, exploration, outdoor education, geotechnologies



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Published: Feb 16, 2013

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