Andrés Gabriel  Muñoz Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Andrés Gabriel Muñoz

Dr. Senior Researcher

I am a senior scientist interested in resolving fundamental questions of conversion of solar energy by photoelectrochemical systems in electrical (photovoltaic) and chemical energy by generation of fuels.


I am a senior scientist dedicated to the investigation of fundamental questions of applied and basic electrochemistry of metal and semiconductors. He made his first steps in the electrochemical science at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Corrosion of the University del Sur, Argentina. After receiving his PhD in Materials Science, he worked under renowned scientists from the German electrochemistry school at the Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf and the Research Centre Jülich and was distinguished with an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship. He combined his background in electrochemistry science with surface science during his stay at the Institute for Solar Fuels and Energy Storage Materials at the Helmholtz-Center in Berlin to resolve fundamental questions of interfacial photo-electrochemical processes in solar energy conversion systems based on inorganic semiconductors. Presently, his research activities at the Company Global Research for Safety focus on the application of electro-analytical methods in the area of thermodynamic of electrolytes connected with different questions of nuclear, geothermal and renewable energy sources. He also continues with his lectures at the Brandenburg Technical University at Cottbus.
My present areas of research interest are Photoelectrochemisty,Electron transfer at illuminated Semiconductor/Metal/Electrolyte interfaces,Thermodynamics of electrolyte solutions, Electrodeposition,Corrosion


    Basic and Applied Electrochemistry

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Photoelectrochemistry, Electrodeposition, Thermodynamics of electrolytes

Personal Interests

    Classical Musik, Swimming, History


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