Cynthia  McGowan Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Cynthia McGowan

Vice Provost of Academic Affairs
Merrimack College

As Vice Provost of Academic Affairs my primary responsibility is advising the Provost on faculty issues. I am also a Professor of Chemistry having joined Merrimack College as an Associate Professor in 1993. Prior to Merrimack, I was a faculty member for ten years at Wellesley College and previously was a research scientist at the Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge MA. My teaching responsibilities have been Organic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Design, Polymer Chemistry, and I

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research has incorporated microwave energy in the promotion of organic chemical reactions, with a principal emphasis on environmentally sustainable chemistry.  In collaboration with Dr. Nicholas Leadbeater of the University of Connecticut, I have published an organic laboratory manual entitled “Clean, Fast Chemistry,” incorporated microwave experiments into the 5th edition of “Microscale Organic Laboratory” by Mayo, Pike and Forbes, as well as co-authored a number of chapters in books on sustainable chemistry.  Also in collaboration with Dr. Leadbeater, I have recently completed an e-book laboratory manual, “Laboratory Experiments with Microwave Heating”, that utilizes microwave chemistry techniques across several chemistry disciplines.  


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Laboratory Experiments Using Microwave Heating - 1st Edition book cover