Ruth  Leyse-Wallace Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ruth Leyse-Wallace

Retired clinical dietitian; Author,
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, California Dietetic Association, San Diego Dietetic Association

My abiding interest in the links between nutrition and mental health led me to write two books on the subject. My hope is that nutritional care and mental health care will be integrated for enhancement of quality of life. This integration is relevant to any individual, not only health care professionals.


I graduated first with a B.S degreefrom the University of California at Davis, then completed a combined program with a dietetic internship and master's degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City.  I practiced clinical dietetics in psychiatric hospitals,including substance abuse and eating disorder programs for 25+ years. I then returned to graduate school at the University of Arizona and earned the PhD degree, with mentors Mary Ann Kight, PhD, RD and Pamela Reed PhD, RN,FAAN.
I have three children and five grandchildren and enjoy being part of the writing community in San Diego, CA.


    B.S. University of Californai @ Davis; M.S. University of Kansas in Kansas City; PhD, Univesity of Arizona in Tucson, AZ

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My dissertation research centered on validating a proposed Metaparadigm of Clinical Dietetics, which outlines a structure and content for the body of knowledge used by clinical dietitians.
        My books center on gathering and reviewing scientific literature from diverse sources that present research that links mental status with an individual nutrient or nutritional status. Collecting and publishing this diverse literature gives an over-view of what scientists have done in the field,confirming, in my opinion, that nutrition affects mental health in many ways.

Personal Interests

    Serving as president of The San Diego Writers/Editors Guild and achieving our first Guild Anthology (The Guilded Pen-2012 edition)has been of great satisfaction. I hope to continue to develop a professional blog for spreading the continued word on scientific progress in the fields of nutrition and mental health.



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