Dr Daniel M Rudofossi Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dr Daniel M Rudofossi

Cop Doc and Professor
St Johns University & Det Crime Clinic

I have been a street cop in 1987, to becoming a Cop Doc, Uniform Psychologist at the rank of [Det. Sgt] for the NYPD, DEA EAP, HRA PD, Amtrack PD I have accumulated much experience. My own 'job related experience' doing preliminary investigations of robberies, assaults to homicide and a few hundred arrests helped me connect with many public safety officers and family members. Assessment, intervention and treatment using my Eco-Ethological Existential Analysis is key to service to Public Safety.


My Lifelong passion, rational, scientific, and soulful commitment to fellow Public Safety Officers is matched by my work as a Police Licensed Psychologist and assisting and supporting my mental health professional peers as well. Bridging differences without ignoring the crucial sacred hold of the individual nowadays being lost in the shuffle of numbers, pseudo-science and agendas is one of my ambitions.

I have been able to work out a new theoretical structure to understand Police and Public Safety Complex PTSD in part initiated and sown in the field of being a cop doc and cop in the NYPD.
Bringing to the table the issue of assessment as a component of the therapeutic alliance with cops. Bringing to light to clinicians as the Map/NYPD Medical Division Cop Doc the depth of disenfranchised losses and trauma as the core of Complex PTSD.  Educating my uniformed peers of the importance of their own highly valued individuality without ignoring the toxic accumulations of abuse to their psyches and souls in their daily work and underscoring the components of ecology, their specialized niches, the personality and the ethological motivation in biological frames in a language each officer can understand in my Eco-ethological Existential Analysis.

I am a happily married man with a family I cherish and realize that for readers who experience and work in the domain of trauma, grief and terrorism whether clinicians or public safety and service professionals that the shards of violence and murders leave lasting wounds: Left untreated and unresolved by not working through the maze of painful and disenfranchised losses they not accumulate with severe damage to the psyche, soma and soul but can ultimately destroy the humane in being who you really are. My work and books help the clinician, law enforcement and public safety to military professional and family in working toward understanding, empathy and healing.


    M.S., M.A. Psy.D., Ph.D.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Assesment, Intervention, Treatment of Complex PTSD, Grief and Complicated Grief, Mental and Behavioral Disorders in Police and Public Safety Populations, Family and other populations. Personality and Individual Differences. Existential Analysis, Logotherapy and [Eco-Ethological Existential Analysis I developed]. Certified in REBT/CBT Fellow and in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Clinician Diplomate in Logotherapy/Existential Analysis.

Personal Interests

    Author of Non-Fiction, Poetry and Poet, Novelist Author, and artist. Meditations and Cultural Studies and Judaic Studies. Fishing and naturalist.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - A Street Survival Guide for Public Safety Officers - 1st Edition book cover