Theunis C.  Robberts Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Theunis C. Robberts

Program Director: Manufacturing Management
University of Minnesota

Born in sunny South Africa and there for most of my life. Got the opportunity to move to the US and here I am. Not as warm, not as sunny, but happy as can be.


Started working by doing research on diamond grinding wheels. Nice polymer chemistry there. Got the opportunity to do beer research at CSIR, enjoyed that. Starting teaching Food Technology, and many years later, I am still teaching.


    PhD candidate in Business Quantitative Methods at NCU
    MBA Baker College, Flint, MI
    Masters Diploma Food Technology, Cape Technikon, SA
    Higher Diploma Post School Education, Cape Technikon, SA

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Predictive modeling. Have done that to predict the baking quality of flour by using protein composition and also by using fatty acid composition.
    Presently working on stocks to predict bubbles and crashes.

Personal Interests

    Quality methods and ensuring quality of service in teaching. Predicting the outcomes of future events. Member of Mensa.


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