John P.   O' Connell Author of Evaluating Organization Development

John P. O' Connell

H.D. Forsyth Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Virginia

John O'Connell taught chemical engineering at the University of Florida for 22 years and has completed 25 years at the University of Virginia.


John O'Connell has held visiting faculty positions in Denmark, The Netherlands, Portugal, and New Zealand. He has published over 130 archival journal articles and co-authored 5 books including "Fluctuation Theory" published by CRC Press.  He has been an Editor of the Elsevier journal Fluid Phase Equilibria for 10 years, and was Chsir of the Fellows of the American Institure of Chemical Engineers for 8 years.


    Properties and phase behavior of complext mixtures, solubilities, protein stability in hydrophobic chromatography

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Chemical Engineering thermodynamics, molecular theory, and molecular simulation; properties for chemical process and product design.

Personal Interests

    Chemical Engineering education, photography



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Fluctuation Theory of Solutions - 1st Edition book cover