Mark S. Ashton Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Mark S. Ashton

Morris K. Jessup Professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecology
Yale University

I was born in the Brunei Sultanate. My early childhood was in Sarawak and Brunei, but later I moved to Scotland and now live in New England, USA. I have traveled widely throughout South and Southeast Asia, Europe, and North and South America. I have conducted long-term field research for over 30 years in Sri Lanka, India and New England, USA; and for over 15 years in Panama. Short-term research sites (2-6 years) have been in regions of the world.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research concerns tree seedling ecology, physiological and morphological adaptations of leaves to environment, forest microenvironments, disturbance and landscape level dynamics of forests and their applications to:  regeneration silviculture of native forests, restoration of degraded forestlands, plantation analogs of mixed-species stands, and silviculture of non-timber forest crops.

    My teaching concentrates on all aspects of silviculture and forest ecology with a particular emphasis on natural forests - worldwide.  Other areas of interest include management of protected areas broadly defined; ecosystems services – with particular focus on water and carbon sequestration; forest watershed issues of the urban - rural interface; and agroforestry systems as models for community development.



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