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Mark Bollman

Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Albion College

Mark Bollman is Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Albion College in Albion, Michigan, USA. In his career, he has taught 103 different courses at 6 different colleges, including all levels of mathematics and statistics as well as courses in physics, computer science, and several other fields. Mark and his students have traveled to casinos in Michigan and Nevada to revisit the origins of probability and compare theory and practice.

Subjects: Mathematics


Mark Bollman ([email protected]) is professor of mathematics and chair of the department of mathematics and computer science at Albion College in Michigan.  His mathematical interests include number theory, probability, and geometry.  Mark’s claim to be the only Project NExT fellow (Forest dot, 2002) who has taught both English composition and organic chemistry to college students has not, to his knowledge, been successfully contradicted.  If it ever is, he is sure that his experience teaching introductory geology will break the deadlock.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Applied probability, including applications to games of chance,
    Combinatorial number theory,
    Mathematics education


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Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society

Calculators in Society

Published: Oct 01, 2011 by Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society
Authors: Mark Bollman
Subjects: Mathematics

In the decades since the invention of a truly handheld calculator, these devices have evolved from expensive four-function curiosities costing hundreds of dollars to sophisticated machines capable of performing a wide range of mathematical and statistical functions at the same cost as that “four-banger” from the early 1970's. This article traces the considerable effect on society of electronic calculators.

Journal of Concrete and Applicable Mathematics

Numerical approximation to pi using parabolic segments

Published: Sep 23, 2010 by Journal of Concrete and Applicable Mathematics
Authors: Mark Bollman and George Grossman
Subjects: Mathematics

We derive numerical algorithms that can be used to approximate pi. We utilize and extend standard recurrence relations that compute the area of inner and outer regular polygons. The relations that we derive arise from approximations of area of circular sectors by adjoining parabolic segments to triangular subregions of the regular polygons. We also discuss the accuracy of the new approach and employ Mathematica software in the present work to facilitate computation.

Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen

Fibonacci numbers which are sums of three factorials

Published: Jul 01, 2010 by Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen
Authors: Mark Bollman, Santos Hern¶andez Hern¶andez and Florian Luca
Subjects: Mathematics

In this paper, we prove that F_7 = 13 = 1!+3!+3! is the largest Fibonacci number expressible as a sum of three factorials.