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Renaud Gicquel

The main part of R. Gicquel's curriculum has taken place at Ecole des Mines de Paris, in its Centre for Energy Studies which he heads since september 1987. Named full professor in july 1986, he teaches applied thermodynamics, an introduction to global energy issues and energy system modelling. His current research activities are focussed first on the optimization of complex thermodynamic plants (heat exchanger networks, cogeneration, combined cycles) and second on the use of ITCs in education.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Publications, Software

    R. Gicquel has published about 80 papers and two books:
    - in 1992 "Introduction aux Problèmes Energétiques Globaux"  (Editor: Economica). A revised version was published (in collaboration with Miss May Gicquel) in 2013 by the Presses Mines and in English by CRC Press Balkema, under the title "Introduction to Global Energy Issues);
    - in 2001 "Systèmes Energétiques, Tome 1 : méthodologie d'analyse, bases de thermodynamique, Thermoptim", Tome 2 : applications". (Editor: Presses de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris). A revised edition has been published in 2009 with a third volume " Tome 3 : Cycles avancés, Systèmes innovants à faible impact environnemental, Dimensionnement technologique, Non-nominal".
    A revised version of this book has been translated in English and published in 2012 by CRC Press : Energy Systems, a new approach to engineering thermodynamics.

    He is the author of various software packages designed to facilitate learning of applied thermodynamics and simulation of energy systems, including:
    - THERMOPTIM distributed since september 2000 by CSTB (a previous version named THERMO-CALC had been published in 1998 by Techniques de l'Ingénieur);
    - the Interactive Thermodynamic Charts distributed since april 2000.
    - e-learning modules named Diapason since september 2004.

    Thermoptim, which is used by over one hundred and twenty higher education institutions in the world, is today one of the flagship projects of the UNIT consortium, for which R. Gicquel has set up in 2006 the Thermoptim-UNIT portal ( dedicated to a new paradigm for teaching applied thermodynamics, which includes a large number of educational resources.


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